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What are Yogis saying about Livestream Classes?

“I haven’t exercised since mandatory gym class in school. However, the highlight of my day is coming home from work and doing yoga. Online is fun! I can easily see each pose step-by-step and I can pause, catch my breath or try something new that I might be too embarrassed to do in a group setting. I tried it once, and I was hooked."  - Tami, Negaunee


“Livestream has allowed me to become more confident and comfortable in my yoga practice, especially since I am a beginner. Learning something new can be intimidating, so being in the comfort of my own home and participating via Livestream has really minimized that intimidation. I am thankful for the opportunity and would like to encourage anyone who is unsure to definitely give it a try.” - Traci, Ishpeming


“The Livestream classes are great for me. As someone who likes to fill her day full with activities, I find it so easy to get to these classes. I pull into my driveway at 5:20, change clothes, and at 5:30 I'm actively connecting with my body, heart, and mind...all from the ease of my basement. I like seeing that friends, coworkers, family, and people I don't know yet are on Zoom working out with me. The Livestream classes also offer accountability, with a set start and end time I can count on and commit to. To top it off, Kellie makes personalized encouragements even if she can't see you - these boost my energy, like they would in person. I'm grateful for Rise Up Yoga's livestream classes and intend to continue to make them a part of my daily life. Thank you Kellie!” - Emily, Marquette

"My sister came home for the holidays and introduced me to Rise Up Yoga. On Christmas Eve we cleared space in the living room and virtually joined the 60-minute yoga flow. Immediately, I was hooked.

My sister had to leave to go back to the U.P, but Rise Up did not! I continued to log on to the classes and every one of them significantly enhanced my Holiday Season.

Since school and work was closed for break, I am so glad Rise Up offered the livestream classes when they did because it was the perfect amount of shift in the daily routine. It was a refreshing change to finish the year and start a new one. Plus, it provided me this deep sense of community that I had been missing after break started and have never been able to find endlessly scrolling through pre-recorded yoga / fitness videos.


Kellie rocks. It is clear from the start how knowledgeable she is about is teaching yoga, and how passionate she is about empowering others and strengthening community through positive wellbeing.

Kellie creates a very welcoming space, and in my experience always facilitates unhurried classes. That was key for me. She always knew the appropriate amount of time, the appropriate number of long exhales, that ‘rooting down’ deserves. At-home practices can sometimes happen just feet away from a messy desk or a dirty kitchen, which may seem like an easy distraction….but Kellie does her best to keep you totally focused and present on the mat. She makes incredible use of the time during class, and it never ever felt hurried.


Thanks Kellie for offering the online classes over the Holiday break!

Thanks for making it possible (and fun!) for my sister and I to work out together, eight hours away.

I know the both of us, as well as many others in the U.P and beyond…are grateful for your vision and the way you attack your mission. The future is so bright. Thanks for motivating us all to Rise Up!


Cannot wait for my next trip to the U.P so I can check out the studio and practice in-person!" ~Maggie, Grand Rapids

What to know about Livestream Yoga!


Rise Up Yoga Studio will continue to offer Livestream classes, even after face-to-face group classes resume! With that being said, we want everyone to know what this option means for Yogis practicing remotely who may have questions.


We understand that many are not yet ready to share public space, but want to practice. We also know there are some that care for their elderly parents, some that may have compromised immune systems or have loved ones that do, and others that may just not have time to fit a ride to and from the studio into their busy schedule while managing to help their children with online learning amongst other obligations!


We also recognize that some may not live in a community that has a local yoga studio! Let us be yours!!


Livestream classes are a great option!


Both Yoga Flow and YOD (Yoga+HIIT) will be offered by Rise Up on a regular basis and our website will clearly identify which classes will be offered via Livestream. These classes will also be shared on social media!


Here are some things to know about Livestream classes:


  • a direct link gets sent right to your email from Rise Up Yoga for the month if you are a member & per request (at least 20 minutes prior to the start of class) for drop-in Yogis!

  • the link directs you straight to the class which is broadcast to you via Zoom

  • you can access classes with your mobile device, iPad, tablet, laptop, or computer

  • you can use the “mirror” option to project the class on your Smart TV, if desired

  • you have control over if you want to be seen or not; video on/ video off option allows you to flow in private or share your screen so the instructor can offer options and/or adjustment suggestions

  • you can view everyone participating or just the instructor/ live class

  • you can mute yourself

  • the instructor mutes all participants once class begins

  • if you are running late, you can still jump on as you will not interrupt anyone else participating

  • prop options: if you don’t have a yoga block, you can use a thick book and/or pillow for waterfall to place under your sacrum

  • you really only need enough space to place your mat down

  • you can connect with like-minded Yogis from all over

  • punch cards can be used~Rise Up keeps track for you!

  • drop-ins are welcome and can pay via Venmo @Kellie-Boase_riseupyoga906 or with PayPal at and the same rates apply whether Livestream or face-to-face

  • If you have an injury or concern/limitation, you can email, prior to the start of class so that options can be demonstrated during class (these options will be given to the group as a whole; you will not be singled out in any way)

  • if you are nervous about participating via Zoom or want to do a “test-drive” before your first class, Kellie will set up an individual test-Zoom with you to troubleshoot and help you get familiar with Zoom, as well as discuss any concerns you may have! Just send an email to to request a practice meeting


These are the times we MUST take care of ourselves. Yoga and YOD practices bring attention to not just your body and physical self, but connects you to your heart, mind, and soul. Self-care must be a priority!


                                                                         Be the pebble. Start the ripple.



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