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Action Plan

Rise Up Yoga-person logo.jpg
Rise Up Yoga-person logo.jpg
  • Bring your own yoga mats & props if you have them. If you do not, Rise Up will provide them for you. All mats and props that are used are sanitized before the next use. 
  • Wear a mask until you take your place on your yoga mat. Once settled on your mat, you can choose to keep your mask on or take it off for the duration of your practice.
  • All Yogis will be spaced six feet apart during practice. The studio floor is taped where you line-up the front of your yoga mat.
  • Teachers will not be assisting at this time or getting close to you as you practice.
  • The studio will be cleaned/sanitized after every class with Cov-Cleanse, the same eco- /human-friendly solution that is being used in public schools. It is organic and non-toxic, effective against COVID-19.
  • All frequently touched surfaces will be sanitized/cleaned daily.
  • Limited Yogis will be allowed to practice as the studio is set up to space Yogis six feet apart.
  • Hand sanitizer is placed throughout the studio space; office/lounge area, restroom, coat room, changing room, studio. 
  • Air purifier is located within the studio space where classes will take place.
  • Participation is at your own risk. Rise Up Yoga has a waiver that all participants will be asked to sign indicating the participant is practicing at his/her own risk.
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