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Vinyasa Flow

Conscious breath is linked with dynamic fluid postures (Asanas) in a yoga flow set in Baptiste principals. This class will leave you

feeling rejuvenated.

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Beginners Workshop Series

This workshop has been designed for the new Yogi that is just starting out. Yoga terminology will be discussed and poses will be broken down step-by-step, presented with options for each posture. This workshop has been designed to help the new Yogi feel comfortable and confident!

The workshop includes:

five one-hour sessions, in addition to two additional classes you may take at any time within one month of the last scheduled group class. 

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Yoga flow designed to target the male body. This class will increase flexibility and introduce you to basic yoga postures for strength building. 

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Your Own Determination (Yoga + HIIT)

Yoga Warm Up + High Intensity Interval Training for 12-16 minutes + Yoga Cool Down = AMAZING!!!

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Yoga + Nidra

Vinyasa Flow + Extended Savasana

A slower flow will lead you to your extended deep rest; props are encouraged to get you as comfortable as posible. 

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Individual Workshops

Private classes for just you or a group; flow is catered to what you want/need.

Sports Teams


Special occasions

Email for details at

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Golden Chakra
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